Pranav Soman

Pranav Soman

Pranav Soman
Assistant Professor,
Department of Biomedical and Chemical Engineering

Syracuse Biomaterials Institute
Address: 318 Bowne Hall
Phone: 315-443-9322
Lab website:


•Tissue engineering,
•Biofabrication (cell and tissue printing using Optics)

A-bioMan (Additive bio-Manufacturing) Laboratory:

Past decades have seen the emergence and growth of the field of tissue engineering in which biological substitutes or scaffolds are created to mimic natural tissues with the end goal of having these replace pathological tissues.  However, progression of tissue engineering from being exciting bench science to a viable clinical product has been slow, one proposed reason for this has been attributed to current limitations in conventional technologies, which overlook the heterogeneous structures constituting most native tissues and therefore restricts our understanding of the structure-function relationships at all scales.

The objective of A-bioMan lab is to develop new science and technologies that advance our understanding of how a living cell interacts with its environment at all scales. My laboratory would use multi-disciplinary experience in computer aided design and manufacturing, laser-optics, biomaterials and cell biology, to develop new ways to interact with, probe, and manipulate cells, with potential applications in regenerative medicine, biochips for drug screening and understanding disease pathophysiologies. Our lab has developed 3D bioprinting platforms based on femtosecond lasers and digital micro-mirror arrays, to fabricate biostructures from nano-to-macro scale. Current research projects include:

(a) Cell and Tissue printing using naturally-derived biomaterials
(b) Auxetic or Negative Poisson’s ratio Biomaterials
(c) Nano/Micro fabrication using light

We are currently seeking motivated Ph.D. students, with an interest in developing optics-based manufacturing platform and instrumentation with applications in biomedical engineering. The student will have an opportunity to get trained in optical experiments, cell-culture, and biomaterials. Interested candidates should send CV and statement of purpose to Pranav Soman ( For more information on the lab, please visit –

Teaching Interests:
1. BEN 485 Bioengineering Laboratory (Fall 2013)
2. BEN 487 Bioengineering Capstone Design course. (Spring 2014)
3. Bio-manufacturing

Honors and Professional Involvement:
1. 2010 – Dean’s award for academic excellence
2. Journal Reviewer: Journal of Materials Chemistry, Acta Biomaterialia, Biofabrication, Journal of Biomedical Materials Research: Part B – Applied Biomaterials, Nanoscale, Journal of Laser Micro/NanoEnginnering (JLMN), Biomedical Microdevices, Colloids and Surfaces B: Biointerfaces, Nanotechnology, Chemical Communications; Editorial board member of Journal of Cancer science.
3. Served as Treasurer (2011-13) and Vice-Chair (2013-15) for Society for Biomaterials, Special Interest Group (Proteins and Cells at Interfaces)

Recent Publications:

  1. P.Soman, P.H. Chung*, A. Zhang, S.C. Chen, “Microfabrication of user-defined 3D microstructures in cell-laden hydrogels”, Biotechnology and Bioengineering, Online June 3, 2013 (*Equal Contribution)
  2. W. Zhang, P. Soman*, K. Meggs, X. Qu, S.C. Chen, “Tuning the Poisson’s ratio of biomaterials for investigating cellular responses”, Advanced Functional Materials, 2013, 25: 3226-32. (*Equal Contribution)
  3. S.P.Grogan, P.H.Chung, P. Soman, P.Chen, M.K.Lotz, S.C. Chen, D. D’lima, “Digital-micromirror-device projection printing system for meniscus tissue engineering”, Acta Biomaterialia, 2013, 9(7): 7218-26.
  4. P. Soman*, JA. Kelber*, JW. Lee, T.Wright, RL. Klemke and S. Chen. Cancer cell migration within 3D layer-by-layer microfabricated photocrosslinked PEG scaffolds with tunable stiffness. Biomaterials 2012, 33(29): 7064-70. (*Equal Contribution)
  5. A.Zhang, X. Qu, P. Soman, JW. Lee, S.Chen and S.He. Rapid fabrication of 3D extracellular microenvironments using dynamic optical projection stereolithography. Advanced Materials 2012, 24(31): 4266-70.
  6. P. Soman, W. Zhang, A. Umeda, J. Zhang and S. Chen. Femtosecond laser-assisted optoporation for drug and gene delivery into single mammalian cells. Journal of Biomedical Nanotechnology 2011, 7(3): 334-41
  7. D. Fozdar*, P.Soman*, J Lee, L. Han and S. Chen. Three-dimensional polymer constructs exhibiting a tunable negative Poisson’s ratio. Advanced Functional Materials 2011, 21(14): 2712–2720, (*Equal Contribution)

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