Jennifer Schwarz

Jennifer Schwarz
Department of Physics

Address: 201 Physics Building
Phone: 315-443-3887


Building models of correlated percolation inspired by jamming in granular and glassy systems, looking for discontinuous, disorder-driven localization transitions in quantum systems, studying the interplay between morphology and rheology in the actin cytoskeleton, incorporating effects of microRNAs in models of gene regulation

Recent Publications

S.-L.-Y. Xu, X. Illa, J. M. Schwarz Force network analysis of jammed solids

D. A. Quint, J. M. Schwarz Optimal orientation in branched cytoskeletal networks

L. Cao, J. M. Schwarz Quantum $k$-core conduction on the Bethe lattice

K.-C. Lee, A. Gopinathan, J. M. Schwarz Modeling the formation of in vitro filopodia
M. Jeng, S.-L.-Y. Xu, E. Hawkins, J. M. Schwarz On the nonlocality of the fractional Schrödinger equation

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