Liviu Movileanu

Liviu Movileanu
Assistant Professor,
Department of Physics

Address: 201 Physics Building
Phone: 315-443-8078



Single-molecule and Membrane Biophysics; Chemical and Synthetic Biology; Bionanotechnology and Nanomedicine; Biosensors and Functional Biomaterials

Recent Publication

J. Liu, E. Eren, J. Vijayaraghavan, B.R. Cheneke, M. Indic, B. van den Berg and L. Movileanu, 2012, OccK Channels from Pseudomonas aeruginosa Exhibit Diverse Single-channel Electrical Signatures, but Conserved Anion Selectivity, Biochemistry, In Press.

E. Eren, J. Vijayaraghavan, J. Liu, B.R. Cheneke, D.S. Touw, B.W. Lepore, M. Indic, L. Movileanu and B. van den Berg, 2012, Substrate specificity within a family of outer membrane carboxylate channels, PLoS Biol. 10(1), e1001242.

D.J. Niedzwiecki and L. Movileanu, 2011, Monitoring protein adsorption with solid-state nanopores, J. Vis. Exp. 58, e3560, DOI: 10.3791/3560.

M.M. Mohammad, K.R. Howard and L. Movileanu, 2011, Redesign of a plugged beta-barrel membrane protein, J. Biol. Chem. 286(10), 8000-8013.

B.R. Cheneke, B. van den Berg and L. Movileanu, 2011, Analysis of gating transitions among the three major open states of the OpdK channel, Biochemistry 50(22), 4987-4997.

R. Bikwemu, A.J. Wolfe,X. Xing and L. Movileanu, 2010, Facilitated translocation of polypeptides through a single nanopore, J. Phys.: Condens. Matter 22(45), 454117.

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