Mathew Maye

Mathew M. Maye
Assistant Professor,
Department of Chemistry

Address: CST 4-014D
Phone: 315-443-2146



Developing new bio-mimetic approaches towards self-assembling nanomaterials into controlled nano-architectures.


Recent Publications

H. Han; G. Di Francesco, M.M. Maye “Size Control and Photophysical Properties of Quantum Dots Prepared via a Novel Tunable Hydrothermal Route” J. Phys. Chem. C 2010 (ASAP).

W. Wu, P.N. Njoki, H. Han, H. Zhao, E.A. Schiff, P. Lutz, L. Solomon, S. Matthews, M.M. Maye 2010 (Submitted)

J. Zylstra, J. Amey, N. Miska, L. Pang, R.P. Doyle, M.M. Maye 2010 (Submitted)

C.R. Hine; M.M. Maye, 2010 (In-Submission)

M.M. Maye, M. Cotlet, O. Gang “Photoluminescence enhancement in CdSe/ZnS-DNA linked-Au nanoparticle heterodimers probed by single molecule spectroscopy” Chem. Commun. 2010, 33, 6111-6113.

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