Kate Lewis

Katharine “Kate” Lewis
Associate Professor,
Department of Biology

Address: LSC 262
Phone: 315-443-5902
E-mail: kelewi02@syr.edu
Website: http://biology.syr.edu/faculty/lewis/lewis.htm 



Specification and patterning of spinal cord interneurons; Formation of functional neuronal circuitry; Evolution of spinal cord patterning and function; Dorsal-ventral neural tube patterning; zebrafish development.

Recent Publications

S. England, M. F. Batista, J. K. Mich, J. K. Chen and K. E. Lewis (2011) Roles of Hedgehog Pathway Components and Retinoic Acid Signalling in Specifying Zebrafish Ventral Spinal Cord Neurons. Development 138: 5121-5134.

D. K Goode, H. A. Callaway, G. A. Cerda, K. E. Lewis, and G. Elgar (2011) Minor change, major difference: divergent functions of highly conserved cis-regulatory elements subsequent to whole genome duplication events. Development 138: 879-884.

C. J. Schulte, C. Allen, S. England, J. Juárez-Morales, K. E. Lewis (2011) Evx1 is required for joint formation in zebrafish fin dermoskeleton. Developmental Dynamics 240: 1240-1248.

K. Wotton, F. Weierud J. L. Juarez Morales, L. E. Alvares, S. Dietrich, K. E Lewis (2010) Conservation of gene linkage in dispersed vertebrate NK homeobox clusters. Development, Genes and Evolution 219:481-496

M. Hargrave, G. Cerda-Moya, K.E. Lewis (2009) RNA-profiling a specific class of zebrafish interneurons. Dev. Dyn. 238(1):150-161

G. Cooke, K.E. Lewis and R. Keynes (2009) Segmentation: Spinal cord segmentation – A-P somite patterning. The New Encyclopedia of Neuroscience 8: 537-544. Edited by Larry Squire et al. Oxford: Academic Press.

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