Henderson receives New Investigator Award and funding from CARTI

James H. Henderson, Assistant Professor of Biomedical and Chemical Engineering, was awarded Collaborative Activities for Research and Technology Innovation (CARTI) funding from the Syracuse Center of Excellence.

Henderson will share a $100,000 CARTI award with SU Professor Lawrence Tavlarides to study the role that molecules called “reactive oxygen species” play in causing lung damage. Sources ranging from plug-in air fresheners to combustion engines can generate reactive oxygen species, but the contribution of reactive oxygen species to the health risks of air pollution remains unclear. Dr. Henderson and his research group will investigate the toxicity of reactive oxygen species by exposing human lung cells to laboratory produced air pollution particles of varying reactive oxygen species content using a system that simulates air passing over the surface of the human lung and will then quantify cell damage and death.


Prof. Henderson Receives New Investigtor Award

Prof. Henderson received a New Investigator Recognition Award at the 6th Combined Meeting of the Orthopaedic Research Societies of Australia/New Zealand, Britain, Canada, Europe, Japan, Korea, Taiwan, and the USA. The award was presented at the meeting in Honolulu, Hawaii on October 23rd for work entitled “Low oxygen tension during chondrocyte expansion enhances cartilage matrix production following expansion.” This is Dr. Henderson’s second new investigator award for research in the field of cartilage tissue engineering.

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