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Ren Leads Research Team

Research Team Developed Breakthrough Material —a new kind of shape memory polymer—that could have major implications for health care.  The research team includes Shelby Buffington, Justine E. Paul ’18, bioengineering junior Mark M. Macios, Professor James H. Henderson and Bucknell’s Patrick T. Mather and Matthew M. Ali Ph.D. ’18. Their research, “Enzymatically triggered shape memory polymers,” was published in Acta Biomaterialia in January. See full article
February 25, 2019

Dr. Teng Zhang, Mechanical Engineering, was awarded $500,000 Early Career Development Program (CAREER) grant.  Dr. Zheng’s project will support fundamental research on the mechanics of interfaces in soft materials by establishing a novel multiscale and multiphysics modeling and simulation platform. Interfaces between soft and hard materials (soft-hard) or soft and soft (soft-soft) materials are ubiquitous in nature and engineering applications, such as tendon on bone for load-bearing, mucus on tongue for prey capture, growing tissues on scaffolds, and bonding silicon on elastomers for stretchable electronics.  More details
February 15, 2019

Ren Lab receives award from the National Institutes of Health/DHHS (R21) to engineer materials with active topography for biofilm control.
February 11, 2019

Hao Wang, in Ren Research Group receives postdoctoral appointment at the FDA.  His dissertation is titled “Eradicating Bacterial Biofilms by Wireless Electrostimulation”.
December 12, 2018

Liviu Movileanu, professor of physics, creates tiny sensors that detect, characterize and analyze protein-protein interactions (PPIs) in blood serum. Information from PPIs could be a boon to the biomedical industry.  Movileanu’s findings are the subject of a paper in Nature Biotechnology (Springer Nature, 2018), co-authored by Ph.D. student Avinash Kumar Thakur. The National Institutes of Health (NIH) has supported their work with a four-year, $1.17 million grant award. Nanotechnology
December 10, 2018

Plansky Hoang is the receipt of the prestigious American Heart Association (AHA) Fellowship Award.  Plansky is senior Ph.D. student in Professor Zhen Ma’s Research Group.  The American Heart Association (AHA) Predoctoral Fellowship aims to enhance the integrated research and clinical training of promising students who are matriculated in pre-doctoral or clinical health professional degree training programs and who have a passion for improving global cardiovascular health. Read More
November 2018

New SU-SBI Faculty, Dr. Mary Beth Monroe receives DOD award from US Air Force Research Labs/Wright Patterson AFB for her project titled:  A Novel Shape Memory Polymer (SMP) Foam for Hemorrhage.  The project will investigate the safety and efficacy of a shape memory polymer (SMP) foam as a hemostat for hemorrhage control and to incorporate antimicrobial and degradable linkages into the SMP foam to increase functionality. Monroe

Upstate Medical University associate professor Juntao Luo, PhD, has been awarded a four-year $1.5 million National Institutes of Health R01 research grant to continue studying a novel technique of removing toxins and other dangerous molecules from the blood to prevent and treat dangerous sepsis. See feature story    October 2018

Dacheng Ren, the Milton and Ann Stevenson Endowed Professor of Biomedical and Chemical Engineering in the College of Engineering and Computer Science (ECS), has been named director of the Syracuse Biomaterials Institute (SBI). He has been serving as the SBI’s interim director since 2016 and oversees all day-to-day operations of the institute, an interdisciplinary collaboration of faculty from the College of Arts and Sciences (CAS) and ECS. Read More
September 14, 2018

Dr. Liviu Movileanu is the recipient of a four-year, $1.2 million Research Project Grant from the National Institutes of Health’s National Institute of General Medical Sciences. The grant will support his ongoing research on the development of highly sensitive biosensors to identify proteins in aggressive lymphocytic leukemia and various cancers. More details at News
September 12, 2018

Dr. Zhen Ma has article published in Nature Biomedical Engineering, titled: Contractile deficits in engineered cardiac microtissues as a result of MYBPC3 deficiency and mechanical overload. Link to Nature article here
September 10, 2018

Dr. Pranav Soman awarded National Institutes of Health/DHHS for project titled, Multiscale Fabrication and Imaging Platform for Bioscience Application.
Link to Soman Lab
  July 2018

Professor Kate Lewis is Awarded NSF Grant
Dr. Kate Lewis has been awarded an NSF Grant to investigate the functions of several regulatory genes that influence nerve cell and circuit development in a zebrafish model. This grant will also support the lab’s work with local high school teachers, developing modules using zebrafish that they can use in their living environment and AP Biology classes. A link to the Lewis laboratory research page can be found here.  July 2018

  • Zhen Ma receives NSF Collaborative Research Award: Engineering Human 3D Cardiac Tissue Model of Hypertrophic Cardiomyopathy. UC Berkeley Collaboration. – July 2018
  • SBI Faculty Awarded CUSE Grants The CUSE Grant (Collaboration for Unprecedented Success and Excellence), is to enhance interdisciplinary collaborations, to grow the research enterprise and enhance scholarship at Syracuse University in order to increase extramural funding and high-quality scholarly output. – May 2018
  • Dacheng Ren selected to receive the 2018 Chancellor’s Citation for Excellence in Faculty Excellence and Scholarly Distinction at the One University Awards ceremony on April 20 April 2018
  • Justine Paul– named 2018 Syracuse University Scholar – April 2018
  • SBI Graduate Students take several top honors at 2018 Engineering and Computer Science Research Day!
  • Research Team Develops 3D Tissue Model of Developing Human Heart – March 2018
  • Zhen Ma Awarded LUSH PRIZE – November 2017
  • Lisa Manning Awarded the 2018 Maria Goeppert Mayer Award – October 2017
  • Innovation Orange: Associate Professor Jay Henderson  STEM -September 2017
  • SBI Interim Director, Professor Dacheng Ren, (PI) and Assistant Professor Shikha Nangia receive $330,000 NSF award for their work to investigate bacterial persistence in heterogeneous biofilms. – July 2017
  • SU Advance: Coleman
  • Professor Dacheng Ren named Stevenson Endowed Professor – March 2017
  • Stevenson Biomaterials Lecture Series:  Guest Speaker David Kaplan – March 2017
  • Alumni News! Dr. Tagbo H. R. Niepa (PhD 2014) has accepted a tenure-track assistant professor position with the University of Pittsburg Chemical Engineering Department. Congratulations, Dr. Niepa!
  • SBI announces new Seminar Series – Fall 2016
  • Zhen Ma joins SBI and the College of Engineering and Computer Science as the Samuel and Carol Nappi Research Scholar and lead researcher in the newly established System Tissue Engineering and Morphogenesis Lab. – Fall 2016
  • Pranav Soman awarded $99,945 by NSF for Bioprinted Constructs – July 2016
  • James Henderson, Ian Hosein and Patrick Mather receive 3 year, $360,000 NSF award for the study of Synthetic/Living Feedback Systems Enabled by Innovation in Shape-Memory Polymers. – July 2016
  • Dacheng Ren awarded a R21 grant from the National Institutes of Health (NIH) to study how bacteria grow on the surface of polymers with different levels of stiffness—particularly as it relates to bacterial growth on contact lenses. This NIH R21 grant is funded by the National Eye Institute and entitled for $408,183 for two years Biofilms STEM– February 2016





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