2015 Graduates:

Sachin Mali, Ph.D.
“Mechanically Assisted Corrosion of Metallic Biomaterials: Implant Retrieval, Material Analyses and Device Testing”
Ph.D. Thesis Advisor:     Dr. Jeremy Gilbert
Joined: Medtronic Spinal and Biologics, Memphis, TN
Position: Senior Research and Development Engineer

Shiril Sivan, Ph.D. 
“Electrochemical Aspects of Metallic Biocompatibility”
Ph.D. Thesis Advisor:     Dr. Jeremy Gilbert
Currently ORISE Postdoctoral Fellow
FDA – Center for Devices and Radiological Health  Office of Science and Engineering Labs

Hossein Birjandi Nejad, Ph.D
“Thermally/Mechanically Responsive Polymeric Composites with Shape Memory/Self-healing Properties”
Ph.D. Thesis Advisor:     Dr. Patrick Mather
Accepted a position with Lubrizol in Cleveland, Ohio.

Pine Yang, Ph.D.
“New Surface and Bulk Shape Memory Effects in Polymers for Biomedical Applications”
Ph.D. Thesis Advisor: Dr. Patrick Mather
Currently a Post-Doctoral Associate at Rice University, Chemical and Biomolecular Engineering department

Pushkar Varde, Ph.D.
“Crosslinked Hyaluronic Acid Hydrogel Networks Designed as Mechano-stimulators to Induce Stretch Growth of Axons”
Ph.D. Thesis Advisor: Dr. Julie Hasenwinkel
Plans: Actively seeking opportunities in the medical device and pharmaceutical industry.

2014 Graduates

Amir Torbati, Ph.D.
Graduate School All University Doctoral Prize
“Soft Shape-Memory Polymers as a Platform for Biomedical Applications”.
Ph.D. Thesis Advisor: Dr. Patrick Mather
Where is he now: Postdoctoral Research Assistant at University of Colorado at Denver
Nan Zhang, Ph.D.
“Polysaccharide-Based Nanocarriers for Improved Drug Delivery”
Ph.D. Thesis Advisor:   Dr. Becky Bader

Viswanathan Swaminathan, Ph.D.
“Fretting Crevice Corrosion of Metallic Biomaterials: Instrument Development and Materials Analysis”
Where he is now: Stryker Orthopedics – Advanced Technology Group

Morteza Haerihosseini, Ph.D.
“Voltage Effects on Behavior of Cells Cultured on Metallic Biomedical Implants”
Where he is now: University of Connecticut – Center for Biomaterials

Ifeanyi Onyejekwe, Ph.D.
“Nitric Oxide Releasing Polymers for Vascular Graft Application”
Where she is now: FDA – Division of Cardiovascular Devices

Xinzhu Gu, Ph.D.
“Multiblock Thermoplastic Polyurethanes (TPUs) for Biomedical and Shape Memory Applications”
Where she is now: University of Pittsburgh – McGowan Institute of Regenerative Medicine

Erika Rodriguez, Ph.D.
“Shape Memory Assisted Self-Healing (SMASH) Polymeric and Composite Systems”
Where she is now: NASA Ames Research Center

Danieli Rodrigues, Ph. D.
“Development and characterization of multi-solution bone cements containing cross-linked PMMA nanospheres and nanospherical polymer brushes”
Where she is now: University of Texas at Dallas – Assistant Professor

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